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If purpose and meaning exist in the universe, and they do, then a God-composed journey of faith for the Spirit-born Christian today is the single most important reality in all of human experience.

This concept of God supernaturally interacting in our lives as patterned in the biblical narrative stories of faith to produce a personal relationship with us, soars far above horizontally conventional thinking.  I believe there is a time coming when the currently commendable approach of “occupy till I come” will give way to a worldwide environment where the vast middle ground of worldly conventional normalcy will disappear…leaving only the two polar extremes of totally committed Christian discipleship contrasted to radically skeptical unbelief.

In a biblical-quality journey of faith God displaces our ways with His higher ways.  This is the central theme in the God-composed adventure of faith life-scripts in the Bible starting with Abraham all the way through to Peter, Paul, James, John, and the other first-century Christians.  This is the “dangerous” part of Christian discipleship…a God-led expedition to the discovery of the “all-truth” of John 16:13 goes straight through the cross of Calvary.

I cannot be ahead of my time in suggesting that Christians today need to pick up their cross and follow Jesus in preparation for the fast-approaching end-times, because Paul eloquently writes nearly two-thousand years ago: “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light” (Rom. 13:14).  The supernatural reality of God inserting His higher ways into our lives as we walk toward the “Promised Land of Canaan” like Abraham over four-thousand years ago is the blessed and privileged heritage of every Spirit-born Christian today.

I have six Christian books written:

The Second Half of the Cross

The High Standards of God for End-Times Christians

The Christian Church in the Last Days

The Cross in the End-Times

The Christian Life in the Danger Zone

God Didn’t Create Robots…Commonsense Christian Apologetics

These books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

My motivation:

… for creating this blog is that after completing my fifth Christian book…The Christian Life in the Danger Zone…and topping out at 49,500 words which is about 9,500 words longer than is standard for non-fiction Christian books such as mine, I continued to get new inspirations that fine-tuned and augmented what I had written.  I also at this time read Nina Amir’s book How To Blog a Book, and I thought this new venture into blogging would be a good way to blend reader’s comments with new inspiration to continue to walk down that road toward the “all truth” that is one of the key promises of God to Christians through the Holy Spirit (and one of the passions that is central to my Christian discipleship and that motivates my own individual adventure of faith).

I plan to upload a blog post each day…then spend time reviewing and responding to comments.  The posts will be a combination of excerpts from my books, in no particular order or sequence, plus new posts written as the blog progresses.  I also plan to include excerpts and fresh compositions from Christian book writers I know.

My qualifications for writing this blog and Christian books:

The Bible is a book full of God-crafted people following God-crafted life-scripts.  Some people like Moses and Paul had first-rate educational backgrounds.  But the life-scripts of Moses and Paul are so unique and unconventional that there were no “how-to” books available then or now on how to deliver an entire nation of peoples like the Israelites from Egypt, or how to evangelize an entire region like the Greco-Roman empire with the new Christian gospel message of salvation in the first century.

Thankfully we now possess the full revelation of the living God in the modern Bible.  Every true Christian thought and action must and will conform to God’s word the Bible.

But I do not believe a person has to possess an advanced degree in theology in order to have something valid to say about a Christian adventure of faith.  Formal education in Christian theology, philosophy, and history are indispensable to accurately preserving
Christian truths, but God has set-up faith to be accessible to all…Christian Bible scholars, housewives, elementary school teachers, and auto mechanics…even people like me who enjoyed careers in building construction.

Both my formal education and my field of expertise is in building construction.  I have 8 books published on building construction…4 by McGraw-Hill (1995-98).  My qualifications for writing this blog and my Christian books is “field experience” following Jesus Christ.

One of the signs of a true prophet is that they lift up God…lift up Jesus Christ…and not themselves.  Not claiming to be a prophet, I hope the reader finds Jesus Christ being lifted up in these blog posts and in my books.

About me:

I have an Associate of Arts degree in Construction Technology from El Camino College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from California State University Long Beach.  I also completed 24 units in graduate school toward an MSCE.

I have four books published by McGraw-Hill (1995-98) on housing construction.  The fourth book was translated in Chinese by the Architectural Society Press of China.  I have four recent books self-published in housing construction.

I have six books on Christianity self-published through Create Space/KDP.

I grew up in Southern California and was an avid surfer.  I became a Christian at age 18 in 1970.  The Christian life has been a wonderful and challenging adventure of faith.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

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