Free e-books on Kindle Friday & Saturday

For those of you who have a Kindle and are interested…two of my books are free Kindle e-books through Amazon on Friday 5/26 and Saturday 5/27:

The Christian Life in the Danger Zone

God Didn’t Create Robots: Commonsense Christian Apologetics

Hope you enjoy them.


The Last Dance

Excellent post, Collin. I like your analogy to chess…that God has made the first move. One tip a Christian writer told me was to break up my long paragraphs into smaller pieces…much easier to read…and with your writing…practice, practice, practice…very similar to practicing on a musical instrument.
I see all of you are between ages 15 to 19…this is great…you have a great idea and a nice looking blog. I became a Christian at age 18 in 1970…you can do the math. Jesus has been my faithful guide and loving Savior all of these years. We are about to enter interesting and challenging times…never lose your faith…this is one of the lessons that will sustain us throughout eternity…that God is faithful and true. Barton Jahn

Found Who I Am

Pandemonium. Horror. Fear. Those are words not normally associated with a dance, but when Jesus comes back, those nouns take on a whole new meaning.

The Lamb has finally returned, but now as a lion. The despised and rejected Lord has come back as a righteous and judgmental King. He came and went in a blink of an eye, and in that brief moment, hundreds of millions of people went with Him. The disappearances will never be forgotten. The chaos that followed will never be equaled. Most will be searching for answers, but some already know what happened. The hearers of the “Good News” have the explanation: the Saints are “caught up in the clouds.” The Christians are finally with their Savior for eternity. The hearers, but not the believers, know that their Christian friends have gone home. This is the last dance.

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