Biblical Faith 4

If conservative Republicans in America conceivably could get all of their agenda items actualized…list them all out one by one…this would still not fix the world.  If progressive liberal Democrats in America could likewise hypothetically get all of their agenda items actualized across the land…list each wish-list item one by one…this would not solve all of the problems.  The reason is that all of these issues fall within the zone of worldly conventional normalcy and thinking…in the vertical line-segment on the graph-line of goodness and light…where a mix of light and dark, of good and evil exist in a blend that as a matter of spiritual physics…cannot extricate the dark from the light…or the evil from the good.

Only a new heart…redeemed by the blood of Christ and fashioned by the Spirit of God…can claim total victory in life because salvation through Jesus Christ is eternal beginning now with our individually composed journeys of faith which nothing and no one can defeat (Rom. 8:35-39).

Absolute goodness and brilliant pure light belong exclusively to God at the topmost point on the vertical graph-line…because He is God.  This is the point…this is the lesson…this is the motivation for repentance…turning around from the direction we are going in according to self-direction…and inviting God into our lives in the rightful position He merits as Master and Lord in our lives.

This is what all of the fuss is about.  Biblical faith will commendably and admirably step down from the thrones of our lives…from autonomous self-sovereignty…and allow God an active role in our lives…even to the point of God displacing our ways with His higher ways.  Pride-filled, skeptical unbelief will not do this…to the extreme extent that we will crucify the Son of God Jesus on a Roman cross of execution in the first-century Jewish capitol of Jerusalem…in an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of this optional choice altogether (Mk. 12:1-12).

In John 3:2 Nicodemus…a ruler of the Jews…came to Jesus at night and said: “Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.”

In the language of this book, Nicodemus is saying: “we are impressed with your ability to perform miracles of healing and deliverance, and to teach in such a way as to draw such large and enthusiastic crowds of people.”

But Jesus basically answers Nicodemus by saying: “If I manage to heal every sick person I can possibly come into contact with, multiply enough food for the thousands of people coming to hear Me speak, and resolve every personal character issue for every person who hears Me teach…this will still not solve the world’s problem because these things…important as they are…reside within the worldly conventional zone of normalcy and thinking that have a mix of light and darkness…of good and evil.”

Jesus then goes on to famously say to Nicodemus…contrary to all conventional thinking…and taking this Jewish ruler completely by surprise…”Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (Jn. 3:3).

Jesus is saying to Nicodemus then and to us now: “Despite all of the good works I am doing within the zone of worldly conventional needs…healing, deliverance, truth, and daily food…real progress starts with a new spiritual heart that only God can create…completely outside of anything that people can procure for themselves through their own efforts and abilities.”  Jesus concludes His personal interview with Nicodemus with the famous statement: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life” (Jn. 3:16).

This is biblical faith far above and outside of occupy till I come and worldly conventional normalcy and thinking…way beyond our capacity to imagine, invent, or self-orchestrate.

Simply put…we need God.  We need a personal relationship with God.  We need the blood of Jesus Christ to make us whole…to restore our relationship…to give us new hearts…spiritually alive to God…not apart from Him.  This is what the unique reality called biblical faith is about.

Author: Barton Jahn

I work in building construction as a field superintendent and project manager. I have four books published by McGraw-Hill on housing construction (1995-98) under Bart Jahn, and have six Christian books self-published through Create Space KDP. I have a bachelor of science degree in construction management from California State University Long Beach. I grew up in Southern California, was an avid surfer, and am fortunate enough to have always lived within one mile of the ocean. I discovered writing at the age of 30, and it is now one of my favorite activities. I am currently working on two more books on building construction.

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